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20 icons in 20 days on Friends
Welcome to friends20in20. A 20in20 contest for the hit tv show, Friends. This idea came from celeb20in20. Hope you join and enjoy our community!

1. Only post the new icons you made for this round. You can't post the old ones you made that fits a theme or category.
2. What you picked for a certain round is what you will be doing unless you change it till the sign ups end.
3. You can't choose the same character two times in a row but every three is fine.
4. All icons must fit the LJ Standards and animations is NOT allowed since not everyone can make one.
5. You can post your icons in your icon communities/journal but you have to show 3 teasers. All entries must be public. You can also post the icons anywhere else.
6. All icons must be finished when posting.
7. You must be a member if you are joining a round.

Challenge and Voting
-In 20 days you can make 20 icons of whatever episode, character or season you choose during the sign ups.
-You're going to be given 10 themes, 5 category sets and 5 artist's choice.

-Please try to vote in every poll
-You will vote for each theme individually

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